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The SpartikuS Renual Bio Page!
a couple of very strange looking kids, brought together creating a large steaming pile of creativeness!

  Luke M.
Name: Lucas Geoffrey Marquardt

Alias: DJ Fachass

Date of Birth: 12/20/84/96

Favorite Bands: Incubus

Tenacious D

Pleasant Street


(oh yeah, everything diet sux)

Equipment: Kawai FS-630

Yamaha Keyboard

A Mic

Favorite Movie: Baseketball

Quote: “Califester Talinhoo” -Luke Marquardt

Peter W.
Name: Peter Jacob Woods III Esquire Senior

Alias: DJ P-Jac McFlash

Date of Birth: 4/19/85/27

Favorite Bands: Radiohead



Everything Diet...JK!

Pleasant Street

Equipment: My brothers guitar

My brothers amp

My Washburn acoustic

A mic!

Favorite Movie: Being John Malkovich

Quote: “Those crazy French! They have a different word for everything!”

-Steve Martin

This is my good friend Hal.

This is my good friend Hal.